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Anti-gay bill being passed in St. Petersburg

You might be aware that today in St. Petersburg, attempts are being made to pass a bill that will illegalise the public action, speech and reference concerning homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenderism. This law would put at jeopardy the millions of lives that are effected by this issue, not to mention their families, friends, communities etc. Not only does it bar the freedom of speech but it also is a direct trigger for severe depression, anxiety and suicide.

We all know our history but we choose to ignore it. Every time human rights have been breached, even in a seemingly minute way, terror and repression has followed. The worst aspect of this is that we are completely and fully aware that it is at the hands of the human race. We have the power to build and glorify our names but we also have the power to destroy at the flick of a pen.

It won’t singularly be those who directly pass this bill that are at fault. It will be those who stood by and watched. When human rights are breached, our children become the victims.

Create a safer world for our children,
An Australian citizen.

Please help us stop this action!

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YOU DID IT, JESSICA - still praying for you: Why are things always too good to be true?


Happy, happy, well, going ok, actually really liking myself….



I’m sad because people on my dash are sad.

Also because I had an exam at 3 this afternoon, now I have one at 9 tomorrow morning.

I’m so going to fail it.

Oh and then I have one in the middle of the next day, then one the…

This is me giving you all the love that I possibly summon on an internet post. Use it well.

If a situation is bad then the answer isn’t to give up. You just need to find a different way to play the game. a way that works for you and if that’s not fine for everyone else than it can only further prove to you just how right this is for you. Find your values. What’s most important to you? What do you need to centre yourself around?

I don’t know if that actually makes sense to anyone besides myself but the point is that I’m giving you an online super metaphorical hug of awesome.

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This week is suicide prevention week.
Reblog to let your followers know that no matter who they are or what their story is, you are there for them.

This week is suicide prevention week.

Reblog to let your followers know that no matter who they are or what their story is, you are there for them.

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Doing my first photo shoot for Broken Sunglasses

This is so unprofessional…

For anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about (which is just about everyone including me) I started writing a kind of not really Glee fic a few months ago. It started off being Klaine, sort of, but then I introduced Paige who’s Blaine’s little sister and all the other guys at Dalton and all the girls at Crawford Country Day. It has nothing to do with Glee anymore and the plot line seems to be running away with itself.

Broken Sunglasses

It’s been on hold for a while because I haven’t been well but it’s coming back on track and it looks like it’s actually going somewhere. I’m going to be doing some renovations on the first two chapters that are already out, I’ll be putting up set lists and extra character info and such more.

So this is really just another opportunity for my mind to run away with itself. Please take note, all everythings is done by myself so if you have problems with songs or pictures or characters…that’s fine but please just take into account the amount of work that has been put into it all.

I think I’ll be starting up a new blog especially for it, basically just so I can feel like I’m getting somewhere. Please be kind, no one is forcing you do read anything.

And yes, I know it doesn’t have a following but it does have me. So if I want to put a lot into it and make it a bigger deal, I will because it’s mine and I love it to bits.

Enjoy, feel free to ignore and I hope you have a brilliant day!